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Haban&co helps you customize your own experience arranging exclusive visits to private collections and behind the scenes access at galleries, museums and neighbourhoods. 

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Spectrum of artists in Havana -the secret language of the fan-

The fan, “Abanico” in Spanish, in the hot and humid island climate is an indispensable object. It was introduced to Cuba during the colonial era and reached its peak with the rise of the local gentry in the mid-Nineteenth Century. Since then it has become part of the attire of young ladies, women and even gentlemen.

At this time, it became frequent to customize and decorate it with works by Cuban artists. Fans were sold blank or only lightly ornate in order for clients customise them with design of their own. Several fans were decorated by renowned artists of the nineteenth and twentieth century, such as Valderrama, Romañach, which have survived and can still be seen today.

The fan was also used for political purposes. During the War of Independence, the Cubans used it to send messages; its secret coding, previously used by young lovers to communicated in public, was modified to deceive Spanish surveillance.

We are proud to continue the language of the abanico as a metaphor for how Haban&co unravel the secrets of Cuba – “Abanico” pronounced the same as “Haban&co” - much like a fan unfolds, a methaphor that shows us that to really know something is to first abstract it.

If Cuba offers a range of secrets, Haban&co offers a spectrum of artists in Havana.

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