Welcome to Cuba


Here is a country well known worldwide, but at the same time, so untravelled. A new way, a different manner of approaching Cuban art, artists and culture is required.

Haban&co begins with a cheerful welcome at the airport, to enjoy the magic of Cuba right from the start.

Spécialistes en art contemporain
Culture Specialists

Our team of professionals - experts in the fields of contemporary art and tourism - will help you customize your own experience. We collaborate closely with Havana’s galleries and art centres and tourist networks.

To know Cuban culture - through witness and direct contact with its people, empathically and with utmost respect, enjoying their hospitality, sharing their joy - this is what makes Haban&co different and special.


Customized Trips

 Our travel programs are exclusive to Haban&co. Adapted to suit your pace, in harmony with your expectations and artistic taste, we give you the power to customise.

We suggest familiarising yourself with the latest art scene in Havana, we have everything ready to organise a profound contemporary cultural experience, while at the same time, the flexibility to interweave into the diary activities like golf or scuba diving.

Visitas a Escuelas de Arte
Visits to Art Schools

Habana&co offers you to see at first-hand the working studios of art students and meet teaching staff behind the scenes, through our guided visits at San Alejandro National Academy of Fine Arts and the Faculty of Fine Arts (ISA), here you will witness the future of Cuban art.

Both buildings have been considered as one of the most unique architectural experiences in modern history, one of the few arts movements that developed in Cuba following the Revolution.

Visitas a estudios
Studio Visits

Our network of contacts in Havana allows us to organise informal visits of artists workshops in a natural and relaxed atmosphere. Artists range from the new wave of young and emerging to the elder and well-established.

We give you the option of choosing which studios to visit. Providing that the artist is available on the dates, these visits are applicable to the whole island and in any discipline.

Music Dance Theater y Más

Cuban life is music, is dance and is theatre Habana&co give you the possibility of attending concerts and events that coincide with your stay. If the event is happening, Habana&co will know about it and can get you access. Traditional music, festivals of percussion, Yoruba dance, opera, classic ballet, boxing and gym events... the full spectrum. Other daytime visits unique to Cuba are the tours of cigar workshops, offering a behind the scenes view of the process where it is fermented, to the harvest of snuff leaves from the farm.


Themed Trips

Depending what time of year you visit Cuba, Haban&co can organise theme-based trips for small groups. These trips will synchronise with the most important arts events and festivals being held in Cuba at that time.

Discover Cuba's rare architecture with our tours organised with prestigious Cuban architects and historians who help unveil the island from an urban perspective - through its architecture styles such art nouveau, art deco, eclecticism, modern movement...

Exclusive Services

We give you access to the most exclusive accommodation and restaurants in Havana, scattered in different neighbourhoods throughout the capital. A chauffeur-driver will by yours during your stay with us.

Haban&co will assign to you one of our agents during your stay. You will have 24/7 access to a dedicated expert who will guide you and be available to assist you, providing quick solutions on the go. This is a trilingual service in Spanish, English and French.

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