Viajes temáticos

Sun, 31/05/2015 to Sat, 06/06/2015

Focused on the creation process, this twelfth edition of the biennial will motto "Between the idea and experience" and is projected towards a perspective of art beyond museums and galleries, favoring social inclusion, transdisciplinary projects and multiciplidad that today characterize contemporary art.

Available throughout the year

As small architectural jewel, Havana reflects a glorious past and has a unique soul and a special fragrance. Discover this captivating capital through the sensitive eye of an architect and historian who will guide you and will reveal its eclectic architecture. A singular way to learn the history of Havana and to approach urban and current architectural issues.

Mon 28/11/2016 to Mon 05/12/2016

One of the most prestigious film festivals, offering a wide panorama of the audiovisual production of the continent, the world's leading cinemas showing films and documentaries and Latin American cinema. It includes competition of New Latin American Cinema, scripts and posters contest; exhibition of film posters, samples of the world's major fiction and documentary cinematography; seminars on cinema and new technologies, book presentations and concerts of film music among others.

Mon, 14/11/2016 to Mon, 21/11/2016

XXXII edition of Jazz Plaza Festival, which will remain a space for musicians, exchange , interaction and dialogue. It is an event of great international impact and in which the Cuban history and traditions merge. Jazz Plaza includes a symposium and book presentations and discography for a historical reconstruction of the genre from its earliest moments .

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